Realme GT2 Master Explorer Edition to ship with 100W GaN charger

Realme is set to release its first smartphone to support 100W fast charging: the GT 2 Master Explorer Edition. This is a step up from the 80W and 65W smartphones currently offered in the Realme range, although the GT Neo 3 has been announced to support 150W charging. To support this huge charging speed, the GT 2 Master Explorer is being shipped with a GaN based power Adapter in the box. This adapter will be able to charge the phone in just 25 minutes 

This isn’t the first time Realme have opted to use a GaN based charger, the 65W SuperDart made use of a GaN switch, but it is an example of how the benefits of GaN make it ideal for superfast charging applications. This indicates that future high-end Realme smartphones are likely to include their high-speed chargers in the box, unlike some of the larger smartphone manufacturers, and that these will be GaN based to keep up with fast charging demands. This is an important step toward the widespread adoption of GaN as in-box chargers account for the majority of the current overall power adapter market. SAR quantifies this in its USB Power & Charging service, which also contains a detailed breakdown of the GaN power adapter market 

Ross Denyer Market Analyst, Power Technologies

Ross is a market analyst for power technologies at SAR Insight & Consulting. He is tasked with analyzing, comparing, and forecasting new technologies, markets, and products in the industry.

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