Power Integrations Launches 900 V GaN Flyback Switcher ICs

Last week at APEC 2023 held in Orlando, Florida, Power Integrations announced a 900V (GaN) extension to its InnoSwitch3™ family of switcher ICs. The new ICs deliver up to 100W at greater than 93% efficiency and will be targeted for use in EV auxiliary power applications.

This development is significant for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, the jump to 900V places this GaN solution firmly in competition with SiC solutions in the automotive sector. As EVs continue to transition to 800V systems, the increased voltage range is required for GaN to address these applications.

Secondly, the solution allows for EVs to transition completely from legacy 12V battery technologies (e.g. lead-acid) for auxiliary power, enabling use of the lithium-ion battery pack for auxiliary power functions. Removing the additional weight of 12V auxiliary power batteries can reduce the overall EV weight and in turn increase battery range.

As design cycles in automotive applications are typically 3-5 years, it’s unlikely we’ll see many EVs with these products designed in until at least 2026. SAR covers the eMobility electrification transition in its eMobility Market Tracker and eMobility battery management trends in its Battery Management Service.

Ryan Sanderson Director, Power Technologies

Ryan is Director of Power Research at SAR Insight & Consulting which spans power supply, conversion, control and management from a component and enabling technology perspective.

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