NFC Forum wireless charging included in active stylus specification

The NFC Forum’s wireless charging specification (WLC) has been incorporated into the Active Stylus Specification from the Universal Stylus Initiative (USI), allowing enabled stylus’ to be charged by compatible smartphones and other NFC devices at a rate of up to one watt. 

NFC wireless power transfer is ideally suited to these kinds of low power applications, especially small devices where space is at a premium. Adoption into a universal standard will likely prove to be a real benefit for NFC wireless power, especially if manufacturers begin to move away from proprietary solutions to allow for cross compatibility. NFC is currently one of the less established forms of wireless power transfer; in their Wireless Power and Charging Technologies report, SAR predicts that these applications adopting industry standards will be an important element in achieving mass adoption. 

Ross Denyer Analyst, Power Technologies

Ross is a market analyst for power technologies at SAR Insight & Consulting. He is tasked with analyzing, comparing, and forecasting new technologies, markets, and products in the industry.

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