Honor’s Magic 4 Pro has the fastest wireless charging of any phone


Honor has announced that its Magic 4 Pro smartphone will feature fast wireless charging at 100W, matching the device’s wired speeds. While charging at this speed will of course require a compatible charging pad, 100W is far higher than any other smartphone on the market today, reportedly reaching 50% charge in 15 minutes.

While these numbers are undeniably impressive, there are some issues that should be addressed: China have limited wireless charging speeds to 50W maximum, so Honor will be unable to enter the market in this region with this solution. It is also unlikely that this is a constant 100W provided to the device and it is more likely that the charger pulses at up to 100W. It is difficult to say whether this is truly a trend for the market going forwards or chasing higher numbers for marketing purposes. Trends around wireless power and charging transfer by power rating are explored further in SAR’s Wireless Power and Charging Technologies report.

Ross Denyer Analyst, Power technologies

Ross is a market analyst for power technologies at SAR Insight & Consulting. He is tasked with analyzing, comparing, and forecasting new technologies, markets, and products in the industry.

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