GaN systems showcases world’s smallest GaN chargers at APEC

Increasing power density in power adapter & charger designs continues to be a market driver for GaN components. Consumers are tired of carrying around a “brick” to enable them to power and charge their portable devices, and power adapter manufacturers have been addressing consumer demands. Additional trends towards faster charging and the requirement for a single adapter to charge multiple devices, however, have made this task more complicated as delivering more power from a smaller form factor typically means more heat from losses to dissipate. This is where the reduced switching losses and greater efficiencies capable with the use of GaN FETs and ICs adds benefit. 

In 2021 SAR’s market report External Power Adapters and Chargers listed the Innergie (a Delta Electronics brand) 60W 60C Pro as the charger with the highest power density available on the market at the time of writing, at 17.4 W/in3. It’s incredible to see how quickly the market is evolving with chargers from Rompower at 22W/in3 capable of delivering 65W and 20W/in3 capable of delivering 100W. SAR’s upcoming report covering the GaN Based Power Adapter market will cover these developments along with future projections and market sizing for GaN components. 

Ryan Sanderson Director, Power Technologies

Ryan is Director of Power Research at SAR Insight & Consulting which spans power supply, conversion, control and management from a component and enabling technology perspective.

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