Joe Hoffman
Director, Intelligent Edge & Sensor Technologies

Joe is Director, Intelligent Edge & Sensor Technologies research at SAR, charting the emerging strategies and shifting value chains of The Machine Economy. Joe crafts his unique research with a perspective gained from sitting on all sides of the strategy table: engineer, product manager, strategic marketer, and most recently as industry analyst.  Having developed and shipped technology products, he digs deep to find insights and forecasts to guide product and market strategies.

Joe’s current research focus includes embedded AI/ML and the evolving network edge in smart devices. This research spans audio, video, location, and other emerging applications, including sensors, device electronics, and connectivity.  In addition to syndicated research, Joe also assists technology and strategy executives with product and market consultation.

Joe holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Kentucky, an M.S. in Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech, and an MBA from Arizona State University.  His career includes stints at IBM, Lockheed-Martin, Motorola, and Nokia.

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