Bristol Boasts the Best at the 2020 Hi-Fi Show

By Kian Rayment / March 6, 2020
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  Bristol Boasts the Best at the 2020 Hi-Fi Show     On Friday the 21st of February, the SAR UK team were fortunate enough to take some time out of

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Funding a tinyML Company

By Joe Hoffman / March 4, 2020
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Photo by Dominik Scythe on Unsplash   At the tinyML Summit 2020 a panel session on funding a tinyML venture was led by Chris Rowen of BabbleLabs with panelists from Clear

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Two Takeaways from 5G Americas Keynote

By Joe Hoffman / October 14, 2018
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The 2018 5G Americas Analyst Forum was held in Dallas on October 10 – 11 to a well-attended crowd of industry analysts. I did not estimate the attendance, but the

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Qualcomm Technology Licensing: An Essential Business Model?

By Joe Hoffman / August 7, 2018
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On July 31, Qualcomm Technology Licensing, a subsidiary of Qualcomm, began a multi-day analyst session giving an update on the technology licensing business and demystified some of the misperceptions about

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Sounding out audio collaborations

By Peter Cooney / March 11, 2016
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MWC 16 demonstrated that great partnerships can make a product sing. On my recent trip to Mobile World Congress, I was on the hunt for new audio-related trends. High resolution

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CEDIA, Future Home Experience 2015

By Peter Cooney / October 23, 2015
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SAR was lucky enough to be able to attend CEDIA Expo, this year in Dallas. Our first time at the show and I have to say I was very impressed

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High Resolution Audio Growth

By Peter Cooney / October 2, 2015
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Rapid Growth Forecast for High Resolution Audio High resolution audio is the music industry’s next focus, with a continued drive towards improving audio source material, the technologies used to access

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SAR Working Magic Following Office Move

By Peter Cooney / October 1, 2015
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SAR Insight & Consulting is please to announce it has moved into larger premises in Exeter as it expands to meet the growing demand for its market data. Over the

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