True Wireless Earbuds Market, Why Every Audio & Voice Tech Company Is (or should be) Reading This

By Peter Cooney / December 21, 2018
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A Brief History of the Wireless Stereo Headphone The headphone* market has transitioned toward wireless technologies over the last 10+ years; today >70% of total stereo headphones shipped are wireless

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In-Flight Communication: Wi-Fi vs. 5G is a Foregone Conclusion  

By Joe Hoffman / September 14, 2018
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5G hopefuls argue that it will change everything: bring US$trillions to GDP everywhere, and create jobs, jobs, and more jobs. According to an Accenture Smart Cities report, the US impact

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India Standoff? Wi-Fi Choupal and Reliance Jio 4G

By Joe Hoffman / June 20, 2018
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Each year, June 20 is World Wi-Fi Day, the global initiative organized by the Wireless Broadband Alliance, and whose goal is to help bridge the digital divide. According to its

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Audio and Voice Megatrends, Thinking about the Future. Part 1, The Previous 5 Years (or so)

By Peter Cooney / December 22, 2017
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Megatrends To Date In the last 5 years & more there have been a number of high level trends that have transformed the audio and voice market. These have been

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Why 802.11ax Will Maintain Wi-Fi’s Relevance – Part 2

By SAR Admin / October 5, 2017
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Wi-Fi keeps evolving and maintaining its relevance in the market even as demands increase. SAR Insight wrote about how 802.11ax is maintaining Wi-Fi’s relevance here in Part 1. This Brainwave

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Why 802.11ax Will Maintain Wi-Fi’s Relevance – Part 1

By SAR Admin / September 28, 2017
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Wi-Fi has managed to not only maintain relevant, but continuously expand to new areas over the last two decades. This is due to new protocols and enhancements that have increased

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Wi-Fi Mesh Networking Will Change Over Time

By SAR Admin / September 21, 2017
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Mesh networking is becoming a critical part of quality Wi-Fi routers for consumers. Since I have been covering the Wi-Fi market for 14 years (since 2003) and have used it

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WiGig’s Sky(lake) is Falling!

By SAR Admin / September 14, 2017
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If you follow the market for WiGig closely, then you may have heard that Intel has discontinued its WiGig products for mobile PCs. However, this is not exactly the case.

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Happy World Wi-Fi Day

By Peter Cooney / June 20, 2017
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Happy World Wi-Fi Day Today is World Wi-Fi Day ( http://worldwifiday.com/ ) – a celebration of Wi-Fi by an organization aiming to connect the unconnected. Wi-Fi has had a tremendous

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Voice Tech: Who can shout the loudest (and listen the clearest)?

By Peter Cooney / February 8, 2017
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When it comes to voice recognition software, and the associated development of the virtual assistant, I think the wrong question has been asked; we shouldn’t be asking ‘will voice command

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