Audio Signal Chain ICs 

True Wireless Earbuds Market, Why Every Audio & Voice Tech Company Is (or should be) Reading This

By Peter Cooney / December 21, 2018
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A Brief History of the Wireless Stereo Headphone The headphone* market has transitioned toward wireless technologies over the last 10+ years; today >70% of total stereo headphones shipped are wireless

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Raising the Bar for Sound

By SeongCheol Jang / October 30, 2018
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The birth of the soundbar mainly stemmed out of the poor audio quality of recent flat panel TVs. The flat panel TV cabinet design works against the audio designer as

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Voice Engagement with Customers

By Dennis Goldenson / September 28, 2018
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Enterprise Innovation It seems every business has desires to evolve and find more efficient ways to reach and engage with customers and provider better service along the way. The role

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Sound Thinking about Detection and Recognition

By Peter Cooney / August 29, 2018
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The growth in the voice recognition market has been one of the greatest technological achievements in recent years. Despite some obvious hurdles – nuances of speech, regional accents, background noise,

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Qualcomm Technology Licensing: An Essential Business Model?

By Joe Hoffman / August 7, 2018
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On July 31, Qualcomm Technology Licensing, a subsidiary of Qualcomm, began a multi-day analyst session giving an update on the technology licensing business and demystified some of the misperceptions about

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The Significance of Silence with Noise Compensation

By Dennis Goldenson / May 5, 2018
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Finding Peace and Quiet from the Outside World In listening to my wife and children, watching the news on TV, traveling on a plane, driving in my car and sitting

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Audio and Voice Megatrends, Thinking about the Future. Part 1, The Previous 5 Years (or so)

By Peter Cooney / December 22, 2017
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Megatrends To Date In the last 5 years & more there have been a number of high level trends that have transformed the audio and voice market. These have been

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Having a “Voice” in China

By Dennis Goldenson / November 14, 2017
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With all the recent news regarding the growth of voice-controlled devices, it’s no surprise that China is aggressively competing in the artificial intelligence user interface (AIUI) ecosystem race.  There is

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Smart Speakers calling for Smart Amplifiers

By Peter Cooney / October 23, 2017
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The voice controlled smart speaker market is growing rapidly, voice platform vendors such as Amazon and Google are experiencing strong sales of their own branded speakers and most traditional speaker

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SoundWire, where are you?

By Peter Cooney / October 16, 2017
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MIPI SoundWire® was introduced in 2014 as a means to provide a “comprehensive, unified interface for small audio peripherals”. The MIPI SoundWire specification was ratified in February 2015. In my

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