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“Voicing” A Search For Content

I’m not sure about you, but one thing is certain. I hate to type words with my remote control on my television, taking what seems like hours searching for letters

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True Wireless Stereo Earbuds Get a Battery Boost

True Wireless Stereo Earbuds Get a Battery Boost

Wireless Stereo Headphone Transistion

True Wireless Earbuds Market, Why Every Audio & Voice Tech Company Is (or should be) Reading This

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5G Americas Massive MIMO Roundtable – Part 1

Image Source: CommScope Don’t know about Massive MIMO?  Search the internet a bit and enter the Massive MIMO TMI – Too Much Information! In case you need a nudge, search

Two Takeaways from 5G Americas Keynote

The 2018 5G Americas Analyst Forum was held in Dallas on October 10 – 11 to a well-attended crowd of industry analysts. I did not estimate the attendance, but the

Voice Engagement with Customers

Enterprise Innovation It seems every business has desires to evolve and find more efficient ways to reach and engage with customers and provider better service along the way. The role

5G American Style!

At the 2018 NYU/Nokia Brooklyn 5G Summit, Ericsson (among others) presented performance for 5G in mmWave spectrum. Here is a capture from one slide showing 5G cell site placement and

In-Flight Communication: Wi-Fi vs. 5G is a Foregone Conclusion  

5G hopefuls argue that it will change everything: bring US$trillions to GDP everywhere, and create jobs, jobs, and more jobs. According to an Accenture Smart Cities report, the US impact

Sound Thinking about Detection and Recognition

The growth in the voice recognition market has been one of the greatest technological achievements in recent years. Despite some obvious hurdles – nuances of speech, regional accents, background noise,

The Linguistics Behind Voice

The Magnitude of Human Language My son came home yesterday after his first day back at high school, telling me about his new foreign language class-Mandarin Chinese.  It got me

Qualcomm Technology Licensing: An Essential Business Model?

On July 31, Qualcomm Technology Licensing, a subsidiary of Qualcomm, began a multi-day analyst session giving an update on the technology licensing business and demystified some of the misperceptions about

India Standoff? Wi-Fi Choupal and Reliance Jio 4G

Each year, June 20 is World Wi-Fi Day, the global initiative organized by the Wireless Broadband Alliance, and whose goal is to help bridge the digital divide. According to its

Where is the nearest Starbucks?

Who’s in the Driver’s Seat? This month, SAR Insight and Consulting has published a market brief on the impact of voice UI technology within the automotive market. Driven by the

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The Emergence of Multi-Voice Platforms, Expressing a Core Competency

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On the “Edge” of AI Engine Processing

The Voice Inside Your Headphones

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