Nick Wright

Knowles new dual-diaphragm balanced armature

Knowles Corporation has been developing a new dual-diaphragm balanced armature. The two self-contained diaphragms are driven by a single coil. Knowles had to overcome several issues in the design of the new balanced armature. A dual diaphragm allows the product to be smaller whilst maintaining high output levels whilst also providing a “warm and clear […]

Dyson announces ANC over ear headphones with Air purifier

Although these headphones look like something out of a dystopian sci-fi movie they actually boast some pretty impressive features. Full active noise cancellation, air purification via an external face covering, full Bluetooth connectivity and an app that tells you more about the air quality you are in.   Dyson have always been innovators when it […]

Yamaha launches TW-E5B wireless earbuds

Yamaha decided to release their new headphones on World Hearing Day. This falls in line with Yamaha’s “Thinking About Hearing Health” campaign. The campaign highlights how listening to loud music over prolonged periods of time will damage hearing.   Yamaha re-entered the headphone market in 2019. All their TWS earbuds released since then have incorporated Yamaha’s […]

xMEMS releases Montara Pro

Montara Pro by xMEMS is a MEMS speaker which uses DynamicVent which is a patented technology. The technology allows earbud designers to have the best of both worlds when it comes to open and closed earbuds.   The unique speaker design means that Montara Pros have a flat frequency response reaching 115dB SPL below 1khz and […]

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