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Smart Home Technology: The Coolest Way to Save Energy and Stay Toasty

As the winter season approaches, many of us will face colder and wetter weather conditions. Smart home applications, especially smart thermostats, plugs and appliances, can offer a convenient way to warm our homes and reduce our energy bills. These smart devices can be accessed by anyone who has a smartphone, tablet, or computer with an […]

Samsung Partners With SoundHound and White Castle to Revolutionize Voice AI Drive-Thrus With Next-Gen Display Technology

In order to increase sales and give customers “personalized, easy-to-navigate experiences”, SoundHound has partnered with Samsung to offer voice AI drive-thru boards. As a result of removing the human element of food ordering, the press release boasts “orders processed in just under 60 seconds, and 90 percent order completion rates that exceed previous staff-based benchmarks”.It […]

Bose embraces LE audio and proprietary spatial audio

This piece of news touches on two significant points. The new Bose headphones and earbuds are coming LE Audio ready, also packed with an exciting proprietary 3D audio solution. SAR is seeing a steady uptake of the new LE Audio standard amongst vendors, however, there is some hesitancy for low-end TWS vendors to fully commit […]

Bang & Olufsen Unveils Its New Beolab 8 Wireless Speaker

Beolab 8—the attractive new room speaker offering from Bang & Olufsen—is now being welcomed to homes. The news comes as Sonos also welcomes a predecessor to its battery-powered lineup, the Sonos Move 2. The Beolab 8 comes with a few standout features, for example beam-width control which adapts to listening profiles. Also UWB (ultra-wide band) […]

TikTok beta tests premium only streaming service

​​​TikTok is attempting to penetrate the already saturated digital music streaming market. The news recently comes as an expansion to beta testing offered in Brazil and Indonesia. According to the news, “TikTok says it’s inviting users in Australia, Mexico and Singapore to participate in the TikTok Music closed beta test starting today.”This is very significant as […]

Sunplus and WiSA Technologies Partner to Enable Cost-Effective Atmos Soundbar Applications up to 7.1.4 Configurations

​​​This partnership between WiSA and Sunplus is significant as it speeds up development of Dolby Atmos soundbars by providing what the two stakeholders call the SPA300 SoC Software Development Kit. The development kit leverages WiSA’s expertise in immersive sound technology. There are several brands that supply WiSA certified equipment. The partnership between WiSA and Sunplus should […]

Wired Earbuds Are Cool Again

Wired earbuds were becoming a thing of the past – until now? There is still growth in the TWS market, which is why sometimes the prospect of wired earbuds goes amiss. However, the concept does make complete sense if you think about it. The Magnesium V3 Entry level IEMs piqued my interest this week. Ear […]

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