Joe Hoffman

Joe is Director, Intelligent Edge & Sensor Technologies research at SAR, charting the emerging strategies and shifting value chains of The Machine Economy. Joe crafts his unique research with a perspective gained from sitting on all sides of the strategy table: engineer, product manager, strategic marketer, and most recently as industry analyst. Having developed and shipped technology products, he digs deep to find insights and forecasts to guide product and market strategies.

Joe Hoffman

5G RoboCars: Imagination and knowledge

5G technology is set to define the cellular networks for the next decade through 2030 at least. The definition of the 5G standard is intended to future-proof the technology, hopefully without over-engineering either the standards or the technology. Even though 4G is the most successful and rapidly adopted cellular technology ever, the 5G standards body […]

Qualcomm Shows 5G mmW Progress; Existential Questions Remain

5G is the technology evolution that everyone so anxiously awaits. As the fevered marketing pitches reach “I want to believe” levels, we must dig a bit to find “the truth is out there.” One thing of which we can be certain: since 5G will encompass 4G, Wi-Fi and the packet core, almost anything selling in […]

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