AAC helps directional MEMS microphone startup get to market

​​​For many years the MEMS microphone market has been dominated by a few major vendors, Knowles and Infineon (plus many companies using Infineon die, including AAC). Few new companies have emerged with new technologies that could possibly upset the status quo. Vesper was one such company, but it only had minimal success before it was consumed by Qualcomm recently. Now two start ups are starting to gain some traction, Sensibel and Soundskrit.


As the article cited here explains, Soundskrit is coming one step closer to commercial success as it teams up with AAC Technologies to “make directional MEMS microphone technologies widely available to end user customers across consumer electronics and automotive markets.” Leveraging AAC’s supply channels and vast experience in the MEMS microphone market could be a major boost for Soundskrit.However, this all sound familiar, right? Hark back to 2016 and this headline “Vesper Partners with AAC Technologies on World’s First Commercially Available Piezoelectric MEMS Microphones for Consumer Devices“. Perhaps it will be different this time around?

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Peter Cooney Founder, Research Director

Peter is the founder of SAR Insight & Consulting. Peter has been tracking, analyzing and commenting on technology markets for almost 20 years. In that time he has headed practices at a number of leading analyst firms, managing teams of analysts across the world.

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